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Recession Proof – Cocktails to ring in the New Year December 31, 2008

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I love a good cocktail just like any other twenty-something girl. But, I’ve grown a bit tired of the days of Cosmopolitans and other pinkish, fruity drinks. So, as my generation begins to live through the first recession/depression of our lives, I think we should look to the drinks of choice from The Great Depression. Here are a few recipes to get you started:

Orange Blossom

1 part gin

1 part sweet vermouth

1 part orange juice

ice and orange slices to decorate

*From Prohibition era, also known as an Adirondack

Old Fashioned
2 parts Bourbon whiskey

a few drops sugar syrup

3-4 dashes Angostura bitters

*An IBA Official Cocktail

If you’re in Austin, you should check out Peche on 4th Street for some cocktail inspiration. The prices aren’t too friendly, but we all need a night on the town every once in a while.


Don’t Settle for Bad Coffee December 30, 2008

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Only after a few months of working as an intern, I learned that not only could I not afford Starbucks on a daily basis but that gourmet coffee was no friend to my waistline. Since then, I’ve tried to: make my own coffee, pick up coffee at a local shop, start drinking iced tea at 10 a.m. But, I finally settled on the half-way decent *brewed from Starbucks* offering at work, downstairs in the cafeteria.

By no means is this coffee great. It’s usually warm, fairly fresh, not too watery and the lovely ladies at the cash register give me a discount if I bring my own cup. But, after a price hike in the cafeteria, the discount now sets me back $1.60. Yes, at first glance, that seems to be a fair price. But, in the spirit of the recession– and my deep dependency on morning caffeine, I’m returning to brewing my own at home.

My CoffeemakerWhen I first attempted to make my own coffee many months ago, I found that it was often too boring (mostly ’cause I used old coffee beans and the same flavor) and too difficult to remember in the morning. So, to make a fresh start with my coffeemaker, I purchased three small packs of pre-ground coffee, compliments of HEB.

Each pack only cost .99 cents and one should last me about a week (5 days, give or take forgetting one morning). And, to help the coffee concoction taste a little better (and motivate me to keep it up), I bought a small container of half-and-half to help with the transition.

After morning one, I’ve been sufficiently caffinated (no headache at 2 p.m.) and look forward to another cup of Taste of San Antonio tomorrow morning.


Coupon worth clipping: Maki Sushi December 29, 2008

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This week I’m working from home. The biggest motivation I have to go into the office is to see people since I live alone. So, since most of my co-workers are burning their vacation before they lose it at the end of the year, I’m getting my work done at my condo.

Going out for sushi is usually reserved for ‘special lunches’ during the work day. Someones birthday, a rough morning or because someone needs to make an announcement. A $20 a head lunch is not so practical in this recession, but for those of us that live for just a bit of rice, raw fish and wasabi there needs to be a solution.

Maki. Nestled in the Arbor Walk shopping center is a brightly colored spot with Subway-style sushi. Pick a fish (raw or cooked), several veggies and any toppings and sauces. In this month’s Community Impact there’s a coupon for $2 off your first roll. For me that meant a 10-piece tuna roll with avocado, cucumber, sprouts,mango, tempura flakes and lots of sweet chili sauce. All that and an ice tea for less than $7.

Maki Sushi, recession chic for sure.



A new blog and a new resolution December 28, 2008

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img_02432This Christmas, as my father said so frankly, was a “hard candy Christmas.” No frills. No mountain of gifts under the tree. Just a few nice things, sentimental cards and lots of food, drinks and family.

As I was shopping around for a new roll of wrapping paper and bags for the few gifts I was giving, I noticed something sad. Much of the wrapping options were in blasé, muted hues. Between that sight and my mother using old multi-purpose labels from a block party for gift tags, I decided that this economic depression wasn’t going to get me down.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was a frugal grad student making the best of what little I had. It was fun to find ways to update a outfit with a couple bucks, entertain with an empty fridge and decorate via the clearance bin.

So, I’m resolved to find the chic in the recession everyday — well, at least a few times a week. Feel free to share what you are doing to stay fashionable and fun in a rough economy.