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Dough Diaries: Challah (back) bread March 29, 2010

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After a few rounds of the basic dough recipe from my artisan bread book, I decided it was time to branch out to a different kind of dough. With a little honey, butter and eggs (and some cranberries and orange zest to spruce it up), I successfully braided and baked a new kind of bread — Holla! *And, I also can’t help singing several different ‘holla’ tunes.

Another great breakfast bread, but still a little dense. I might try this one again and see how I can make it lighter. But, all in all, I’m really enjoying experimenting!


Dining In: Goat Cheese, Greens and Béchamel over Shells March 19, 2010

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After traveling for a week, I was is desperate need of eating and cooking a nice home-cooked meal. My Google Reader was filled to the brim with tons of recipes from all the blogs that I follow that had been neglected over the last 7 days. I took my time and decided on this French pasta dish from Serious Eats.

Happily I hopped over to the HEB after work to get everything for the meal. I decided to simplify the recipe to cut down on prep time and limit the number of ingredients I would need to buy. I only used two veggies (spinach and peas), and opted out of the shallot, egg yolk and nutmeg.

Unfortunately, in my hustle to get home and start cooking, I forgot to pick up the large shells to stuff. So, instead I used smaller whole wheat shells I already had in the pantry and combined the cheese stuffing and béchamel into a sauce.