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Purple Party Dress! October 1, 2009

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So, I really love the holiday season. And, since today is the first day of October, I think it’s fair for me to start blogging about my fashion, decor and feasting plans for the final few months of this year.

My love for purple continues and seems to grow stronger with every passing month. For the holiday parties of the season, I decided to finally get a purple cocktail dress. My ‘friends’ at BCBG told me I must have this one, so I got it. 🙂 Can’t wait to wear it!! *I will need to steam it first.



A new purple netbook! September 1, 2009

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Wow. It’s already September. I’ve had this blog for right over 9 months, which qualifies it as the only New Year’s resolution I have actually kept up with. As a kid, I tried keeping a diary, several journals, but nothing ever stuck (maybe because my life never seemed that interesting). With this blog, I seek out great recipes to cook, document all the work I’ve done on my condo, and share little oddities I stumble upon.

In honor of all my ‘hard work,’ I treated myself to a new personal computer. My old one from grad school was fine (a bit slow with rapidly decreasing battery life), but I was ready for something newer and simpler. Since I spend so much time with technology during the day, I knew I only wanted a system for email, blogging, surfing the web and storing all my documents from high school through grad school (yeah, I still believe that I will one day need a paper I wrote at 15). So, a netbook was the perfect upgrade for me. And, of course, I had to get it in purple 😉



Feeling a bit Purple today February 10, 2009

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It’s been a while since I posted about my favorite color. But today, I put on my purple shoes and decided to share some new purple things that made my Tuesday.

And, just pretty purple things…


Black is Black, but Purple is Pronounced January 2, 2009

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At the beginning of each year, or fashion season, there’s always talk about the new ‘it’ color. Pink and green have had their turn as the ‘new black,’ but there are some that are claiming that black is the new black this year.

I disagree. Black and other muted tones are filling the runways and pages of Vogue. It’s very recession (but a bit too depression) friendly and a nice throw back to classic staples. So, yes, make sure you have some great classic wardrobe pieces in black, gray, brown, taupe, etc. But, find an accent color that speaks to your inner chic and will keep you from looking like a bag lady (read Olsen Twin) during the recession.

As no surprise to anyone that knows me, I’ve selected purple. This fall, purple made a nice comeback from it’s infancy as a slightly electric magenta in the 80’s and over-saturated violet during the hay-day of jewel tones. Over the past several months, eggplants and plums inspired a distinct, yet muted accent to any outfit. And, during these days of fiscal conservatism, it’s nice to have something that makes us feel regal.

Throughout the year, I’ll post pretty purple things that inspire me. If you run across anything that fits the bill, please share. Enjoy!

Purple HeelsMy Crown Vintage heels from DSW.

Purple Accent WallMy kitchen walls in Behr Wine Frost.

Purple HandbagMy Christopher Kon plum leather handbag and Crate and Barrel accent pillow.