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Dough Diaries: Challah (back) bread March 29, 2010

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After a few rounds of the basic dough recipe from my artisan bread book, I decided it was time to branch out to a different kind of dough. With a little honey, butter and eggs (and some cranberries and orange zest to spruce it up), I successfully braided and baked a new kind of bread — Holla! *And, I also can’t help singing several different ‘holla’ tunes.

Another great breakfast bread, but still a little dense. I might try this one again and see how I can make it lighter. But, all in all, I’m really enjoying experimenting!


A New Year, a New-ish Resolution January 2, 2010

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Blogging this past year has been so much fun! Though, looking back on my posts, it’s obvious that my favorite part of blogging has been sharing my condo renovations and all the different recipes I’ve tackled (45 total!). I don’t have any big plans for my condo in 2010 (except maybe hardwoods downstairs), but will share anything new I add or update. I plan to keep up my weekly recipes and share all that are successful and challenge myself to explore more French food.

But, you may be asking, what will my new resolution be? Homemade pasta, breads and mastering some more traditional everyday cooking! For Christmas I got the Kitchen Aid pasta add-on (hooray for a Mom that reads all my blogs), Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, and the Cooking Light’s Way to Cook among many other wonderful gifts. I decided these things would be a great foundation for new challenges in the kitchen. I’m not 100% sure how often I will be able to tackle each, but my goal is to try to make one pasta and bread a month and feel comfortable cooking meat. No, I’m not changing my pescatarian diet, but  I would like to be able to prepare meals for loved ones that do enjoy eating meat.


A new blog and a new resolution December 28, 2008

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img_02432This Christmas, as my father said so frankly, was a “hard candy Christmas.” No frills. No mountain of gifts under the tree. Just a few nice things, sentimental cards and lots of food, drinks and family.

As I was shopping around for a new roll of wrapping paper and bags for the few gifts I was giving, I noticed something sad. Much of the wrapping options were in blasé, muted hues. Between that sight and my mother using old multi-purpose labels from a block party for gift tags, I decided that this economic depression wasn’t going to get me down.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was a frugal grad student making the best of what little I had. It was fun to find ways to update a outfit with a couple bucks, entertain with an empty fridge and decorate via the clearance bin.

So, I’m resolved to find the chic in the recession everyday — well, at least a few times a week. Feel free to share what you are doing to stay fashionable and fun in a rough economy.