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A new purple netbook! September 1, 2009

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Wow. It’s already September. I’ve had this blog for right over 9 months, which qualifies it as the only New Year’s resolution I have actually kept up with. As a kid, I tried keeping a diary, several journals, but nothing ever stuck (maybe because my life never seemed that interesting). With this blog, I seek out great recipes to cook, document all the work I’ve done on my condo, and share little oddities I stumble upon.

In honor of all my ‘hard work,’ I treated myself to a new personal computer. My old one from grad school was fine (a bit slow with rapidly decreasing battery life), but I was ready for something newer and simpler. Since I spend so much time with technology during the day, I knew I only wanted a system for email, blogging, surfing the web and storing all my documents from high school through grad school (yeah, I still believe that I will one day need a paper I wrote at 15). So, a netbook was the perfect upgrade for me. And, of course, I had to get it in purple 😉