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Healthy Crab Cakes March 30, 2011

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Ok, maybe ‘not terrible for you’ crab cakes would be more accurate, but who cares!

The other week I bought some lump crab meat at the HEB for a great price and immediately started brainstorming how I could use it. Perhaps I’ve seen too many Olive Garden and Red Lobster commercials lately because I convinced myself that crab stuffed shells was the best use for this fresh meat.

Well, unfortunately, that dish didn’t turn out so well. My fear of bland ricotta caused me to over-season the stuffing to the point that you couldn’t even tell that there was any crab meat. Ooops. I was so disappointed in the dish that no photographic evidence was taken. The dinner wasn’t as bad as the time I undercooked beans (I will never live that down) and thankfully my Jeffrey still wanted the leftovers. He did say that the dish improved upon sitting in the fridge for a few days and reheating.

So, my great deal on crab meat wasn’t turning out so well. However, I was determined to save it. The answer? Crab cakes. *Why didn’t I just start with that idea?* I was thrilled to find a delicious sounding crab cake recipe from my new The Best of America’s Test Kitchen 2011 that only needed a few adjustments (sour cream instead of mayo and panko over saltine crumbs). The only other time I made crab cakes I pan-fried them. Super tasty, but quite messy. For this recipe the cakes were broiled making them crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. I served them with some sauteed greens and tomatoes to complete a light and flavorful Sunday night dinner.

Take a look.